Our main services are Design of Experiments related courses and, support of Design of Experiments implementation projects. Design of Experiments related tools are Design of Experiments, Robust design, and Axiomatic design. The results may also be validated by process simulation tools such as Multiphysics packages. Other relevant tools may, and have, also been used. It may be fault tree, and event tree analysis packages.

Management of Design of Experiments based projects may also be offered.


Design of Experiments

We will organize Design of Experiments courses in various formats. Courses in the 4 hours to 3 days interval are the most frequent. Taylor made courses for academia and Japanese industrial formats doing 4 hours each week for 4 month including assignments focusing at your regular work processes can also be ordered. Two examples are:

  • A three-day intensive course in DoE covering basics. It is an implementation of George Box theoretical fundament with additional material from industrial applications as needed;
  • A one day robust design course; You can sometime reconfigure the results from a plain Design of Experiments project to a robust design or intentionally design the experiment as a robust design. The one day coarse is focusing on finding location and dispersion effects in unreplicated two level factorials.

Axiomic Design

Axiomatic Design (AXD) is a tool to systemically build the design according to certain rules, achieving quality products supporting multi-functional robust characteristics. We offer a one-day introduction in axiomatic design.