In the XRTECH news center we will present new ideas and other developments in our business environment. We hope you will find the content informative and enjoyable and are looking forward to discuss the topics on our agenda: Engineering, Virtualization, Statistics, Designed Experiments, the “Bits to Atoms” vision and Additive manufacturing and how to adapt these often disruptive concepts to existing industries and organizations. Our aim is to let the page gradually grow as long as the material is relevant and interesting to our customers. We have considerable experience in the area of sustainability and emission control of large industrial plants. You will also see developments in this area. Software is increasingly important in development of new products. So is the testing. COVERING ARRAYS are advanced concepts with base in the design of experiment theory. This will hopefully be part of our future business.

Emission and sustainability in large power and waste inceneration plants

We have added an analysis with new JMP 12 pro statistical tools not available in the original Heleneholm project analysis. The original NOx reduction was 40 percent. The new analysis indicates parameter settings with an emission reduction of 60 percent from initial values. A reduction of this magnitudes usually require a million euro|dollar range hardware investment. The result indicates that a qualified set of test runs to optimize the original hardware should be performed prior to investment in new equipment.

We are presently proposing a revisions of the EU emission directives including BREF and BAT guidelines to increase the utilization of statistical process analysis, design of experiments and robust design aiming at leaner and more sustainable large process plant product cycles. Presently the Waste Incineration BREF is under revision. As we find it urgent to initiate the inclusion of statistical process optimization techniques as soon as possible, we have suggested the following addition to the next WI BREF text. This is a work in progress.

We have updated the EON Heleneholm project with detailed data matrixes making it easier to follow the data cleansing and analysis processes. We have also added a matrix in JMP format with a  script for the published solutions and optimizations.

The European Commission has received a proposal to adopt Designed Experiments as Best Available Technology. The proposal has been conceived with the support of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and is registered in the Best Available Technology Information System (BATIS) at the European IPPC Bureau.

Power Plant Design of Experiments Courses

“Design of Experiments and Robust Design” introduction courses are scheduled for November 21 to 23 (2016) and December 5 to 7 (2016). They are aimed at boiler based power and heat systems applications. The courses are sponsored by the “Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association” and will be held in Swedish.  English versions are planned 2017.